Thursday, June 12, 2008


Someone said that Duncans Picture was a little "last week" so I'm updating..

Well I can't say much has happened, I mean , I'm a stay at home mom. That consists of doing the same thing everyday and liking it. Not much happens at home, but the same thing over and over. Routine. But my babies are talking and that takes up a lot of room.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Oh Dieting, Dieting, I HATE dieting, but recently my mother and I have been trying to diet AGAIN. This time I've figured it out. I have been making weekly menus and shopping lists and all we have to do is stick to them and we are set. Something to look forward to, nothing to worry about, easy to do, I don't hate dieting so much anymore..and I just might make it this time..

Lets pray I make it ; )

If anyone out there wants help keeping their diet going I could always whip something together!

Friday, November 02, 2007

One more thing...

PAINT YOUR NAILS. Just once in a while or everyday.. paint them. It does wonders. I painted my nails this last week and every time I look down at my hands.. which is a lot (washing the floor, wiping kids faces...) I look down and see such pretty nails.. it takes my mind off the taswk at hand..hahaha

What if...

Have you ever thought how absolutely terrible it would be to wake up one day and be unable to see or feel your kids again?

Oh how I thank the Lord that I can look at their beautiful faces and feel their kisses everyday. What if I could no longer.. how I would cry.

Duncan and his two pacifiers and Amber with her wondering looks - it could all end in one moment, but I'm enjoying it today just the same.

Thank You Lord for giving me all that I have and help me to enjoy it for as long as I have it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Anyone out there still?

Life is good.. I am enjoying my little miracles everyday...even though some days I get frusterated that I'm not the perfect mom. Heck I can't tell half the time if I'm doing anything right, but I pray and Trust God to lead me in teaching them. Its still hard though, probably because I don't always listen real well. (oops)

They know soooo much now.. Amber knows most of her body parts.. eyes, hair, mouth, nose, foot, sock.. she says "up" for everything..up for down, open, help, out, .. Duncan can do the physical side best. He can run the teeter-totter by himself and climbs on and off his tricycle by himself. He has FOUR molars!! They both know how to go down the slide by themselves..even to go around to the stairs..

I love being a mom...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Something More..

Here's my latest. You don't have to laugh at the picture, but if you choose to I will understand. I thought it kind of silly myself. Today I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I have had so many people touch my stomach I almost expect it now. Sometimes it actually makes me a bit proud. I think I've actually gotten used to this whole pregnancy thing. Although, I am a bit scared about having them, and then about raising them, but God will work that all out just fine.

I spent some time this weekend scrapbooking what I have so far to put in their little individual baby books. Ultrasound pictures, they aren't the cutest things, but when you put them together with cutesy papers and all that- even my husband will look at them and say "cute."

I have been having a whole lot of Braxton Hicks lately, which is a new thing. I am afraid to tell my doctor though for fear she will move me right into the hospital for the rest of my "time." I have a lot to do this month ya know. I will have to tell her, of course, and just my luck my next appointment is on my anniversary. Let's pray she lets me at least finish that day!

I'm just going to start calling them by the names we refuse to settle on. They are the only ones we have even talked about for months now. Nothing else seems right. Although, we still don't have middle names for them...

Well, talk to you all later.

Me-Duncan and Amber

Friday, January 06, 2006

Well, I see I have to write some little tidbit in order for you to be slightly satisfied, although most of you I see more than you read these things!
You'd think I had a whole lot of things to write about now that I'm sitting around pregnant with nothing to do, hmm.. Let me think of something.

I am pregnant; that's exciting.
I'm having twins, one boy and one girl.
My husband and I can't settle on names; that's typical.
I'm actually 23 weeks today.
I feel stretched to my limit, I don't know when I'm hungry, because who knows which parts are full or empty anymore!
I dragged my husband to register at Target today. To help him get into it I let him hold the scanner; aren't I nice?
I feel them moving all the time now. OH and a lady in the lab at Group Health today held both of her hands to my stomach for 5 minutes while my husband got his blood drawn. I am amazed at the way people get when they see a pregnant person. What if I weren't pregnant! Not that I'm bothered by it at all, but strangers are a little more wierd than people I know.

So there, now you have something to read and laugh about. Maybe another day when I feel like talking again, I'll try to conjure up another blurb of tantalizing information.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Go back to your own blog page.
I have not written anything yet,
for fear YOU might read it!!
When I get the courage to write something
You can come back...